2017 Definitions for Physician Practices

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Publication Date Apr 1, 2016

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2017 Definitions for Physician Practices

2017 Plain English Descriptions for ICD-10-CM features include:

  • UPDATED! New and revised listings—now with even more ICD-10-CM descriptions, including updates based on 2017 changes
  • Plain English Descriptions for more than 4,500 ICD-10-CM codes and categories—increase coding accuracy with comprehensive clinical, coding and documentation guidance
  • ICD-10-CM Official Coding Guidelines—reduce claims denials by mastering the rules of ICD-10-CM coding
  • Detailed, full-page anatomy illustrations—better interpret clinical notes and code with greater specificity
  • Numerical arrangement—easily find the information you seek. This book mirrors the arrangement of the official ICD-10-CM code set for easy identification
  • Diagnostic syndromes—understand what symptoms and/or diseases are included in a syndrome
  • Prefixes and suffixes for commonly used medical terms—boost coding speed and accuracy by overcoming any unfamiliar terms in the medical record


2017 Plain English Descriptions for Procedures features include:

  • UPDATED! Plain English Descriptions for more than 8,000 CPT® codes—increase coding accuracy with the clarification you need to choose the correct code, every time.
  • UPDATED! Complete AMA CPT® code descriptions—no need to refer back to a second resource for the official descriptions. 

  • Detailed, full-page anatomy illustrations—better interpret clinical notes to code with greater specificity.
  • Procedure illustrations—gain greater insight into specific procedures for more accurate coding.
  • E/M coding guidelines—master proper documentation and proper assignment of evaluation and management codes.
  • Easy look-up of medical prefixes/suffixes—better understand terms used in the medical record.
  • Eponyms, acronyms, and common abbreviations—quickly decipher clinical notes with these critical elements contained within each plain English description.


2017 Plain English Descriptions for Denial Codes features include:

  • Plain English Descriptions for more than 1,850 claims status codes—guidance needed to interpret denial causes and respond quickly, helping manage account receivables successfully and improve billing.
    • Remittance Advice Remark codes
    • Claim Adjustment Reasons codes
    • Health Care Claim Status Category codes
    • Health Claim Status Remarks codes
  • Action steps to quickly resolve delayed reimbursement—specific to the remark code your carrier gives you.
  • Numerical arrangement—easily locate the information you're looking for. Remittance Advice Remark Codes are listed in sections by M, MA and N codes, while CARC, CSCC and CSC codes are listed in chronological order
  • Advanced Beneficiary Notice instructions
  • A step-by-step explanation of the unique rules that govern each state of appeal—discover how to navigate the five levels of the Medicare appeals process, including detailed instructions on the necessary requirements, time limits, dismissal reasons and more.

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