2016 Basic Procedural Bundle

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Publication Date Oct 1, 2015

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2016 Basic Procedural Bundle

Get the Ultimate Coding Bundle for Physicians!

To code claims correctly, you need effective guidance that will lead you to make the right code choice. And with CPT® codes constantly changing, you need an official resource that will keep you up-to-date to ensure you're following the proper guidelines for that code set. To meet all those needs and more, get DecisionHealth's 2016 Ultimate Physicians Coding bundle, a dynamic set of three codebooks to ensure accurate coding, reporting and billing.

Use the ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians manual for everyday claims coding to prevent medical necessity denials and help you secure every dollar your practice has earned. You'll empower accurate, complete professional service coding with the 2016 Procedural Coding Expert, complete with valid CPT® codes and descriptions at your fingertips, PLUS gain all the official CPT code guidelines to ensure you're using them properly with the AMA CPT© 2016 Professional Edition.

Features & Benefits:

2016 ICD-10-CM Expert for Physicians

  • Complete HIPAA-mandated ICD-10-CM code set—all 68,000 ICD-10-CM codes and descriptions, organized across 21 chapters: Infectious and Parasitic diseases through Injuries, including external causes and reasons for visit.
  • NEW! Illustrations—more than 200 code-specific illustrations have been added to allow better interpretation of clinical notes and ensure assignment of the correct code 
  • NEW! ICD-10 guidelines excerpts embedded in the Tabular at the code level for so that you can quickly access the rules you'll need to code accurately.

2016 Procedural Coding Expert

  • All CPT codes and full descriptions and icons—avoid coding confusion and HIPAA compliance with a full list of all valid 2016 CPT® codes, their long code descriptions, and all CPT icons including add-on code, conscious sedation, and modifier 51 and modifier 63 exempt
  • UPDATED! New, Revised and Deleted CPT Codes—quickly spot code changes thanks to code change icons. This is the ONLY code book that highlights deleted codes with a strikethrough and cross-reference to the valid replacement code rather than removing deleted codes entirely to boost coder awareness of deleted codes and ease transition confusion. 
  • UPDATED! Deleted codes crosswalk—quickly identify new valid codes that have replaced temporary codes and other deleted codes.

AMA CPT© 2016 Professional Edition

  • Coding tips throughout each section — improve understanding of the code set’s nuances
  • Comprehensive index — aids the user in locating codes related to a specific procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, synonym, eponym or abbreviation to allow for a clearer, quicker search
  • Summary of additions, deletions and revisions — provides a quick reference to 2016 changes without having to refer to previous editions

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