2016 Complete Physician Coding Bundle

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Publication Date Dec 28, 2015

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2016 Complete Physician Coding Bundle

Best Deal on Core Code Books!

Ensure compliance and proper coding with updated CPT, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS code manuals. The 2016 Complete Physician Coding Bundle is ideal for physician practice, hospital and ambulatory surgery center coders to locate and report procedures codes quickly and accurately. Capture full reimbursement with all code sets necessary for procedural, diagnostic and supplies/drugs coding.

Features & Benefits:

  • Complete HIPAA-mandated ICD-10-CM code set—all 68,000 ICD-10-CM codes and descriptions, organized across 21 chapters: Infectious and Parasitic diseases through Injuries, including external causes and reasons for visit.

    • Defining ICD-10-CM—including a background on ICD-10 and its conventions.

    • EXCLUSIVE! Placeholder "x" added to 3, 4 and 5-character codes requiring 7th characters with a dash in the 7th character position of the code to identify that a 7th character is needed. This eliminates confusion about how many x's to add to the code prior to assigning the 7th character.

    • NEW! Illustrations—more than 200 code-specific illustrations have been added to allow better interpretation of clinical notes and ensure assignment of the correct code

    • Color coding— makes code selection faster and easier. Includes color sidebars for easy identification of chapters in the tabular section, gray sidebars for the alphabetic index, and black sidebars to distinguish neoplasm and drug tables.

    • Even More! Medical Term Definitions clarify diseases and conditions for better code selection.

  • New, Revised and Deleted HCPCS Level II Codesquickly spot code changes thanks to code change icons. This is the ONLY code book that strikes through deleted codes versus removing them entirely to boost coder awareness of deleted codes and ease transition confusion.

    • UPDATED! DMEPOS icons identify reimbursement opportunitiesspot Medicare allowed billing opportunities for certain durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies.

    • UPDATED! Deleted codes crosswalkquickly identify new valid codes that have replaced temporary codes and other deleted codes.

    • UPDATED! Medicare Pub. 100 informationincluded with associated code and full descriptions in Appendix in the back of the book

    • UPDATED! Table of Drugs Appendixfind J codes more quickly with cross- referenced Brand names.

    • HCPCS Level II modifiersensure that required modifiers are appended to codes reducing delays and denials.

  • All CPT codes and full descriptions and icons—avoid coding confusion and HIPAA compliance with a full list of all valid 2016 CPT® codes, their long code descriptions, and all CPT icons including add-on code, conscious sedation, and modifier 51 and modifier 63 exempt

    • UPDATED! New, Revised and Deleted CPT Codesquickly spot code changes thanks to code change icons. This is the ONLY code book that highlights deleted codes with a strikethrough and cross-reference to the valid replacement code.

    • EXCLUSIVE! All codes in numeric sequenceunlike most code books, you never find a CPT code to be out of numeric order in this guide. No more wasted time and confusion hunting foror worse, overlookingcodes.

    • NEW! National Coverage Determination (NCD) policy citations at the code levelensure compliance with Medicare coverage policy for certain CPT procedures and professional services.

    • UPDATED! AMA CPT Assistant citationsidentify where to find critical guidance on CPT codes.

    • UPDATED! Facility and non-facility Relative Value Units (RVUs)—no need to reach for an extra reference to make sequencing decisions when reporting multiple CPT codes. Breakdowns included for technical component (TC) and professional component (PC) codes when applicable.

    • UPDATED! Global Days and MUE Billing Restrictionsno need to reach for an extra reference to check Medical global follow-up days and frequency edits for each code.

    • UPDATED! APC and ASC Payment Iconsquickly identify reimbursement opportunity. Icons identify 23 specific OutPatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) payment statuses, as well as 18 ASC groupings to improve reimbursement.

    • UPDATED! Medicare Reimbursement iconsModifiers 51, 50, 80 & 62 indications included so that you understand payment adjustments that can occur when billing the procedure.

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