2016 Illustrated Coding & Billing Expert for Ophthalmology

Product Code: DHMPBMEDOP16

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ISBN 978-1-58383-850-1
Publication Date Dec 30, 2015

Price: $179.95

2016 Illustrated Coding & Billing Expert for Ophthalmology

Optimized for medical necessity and reimbursement understanding, this all-in-one resource focuses on a subset of ophthalmology surgeries, medicine and ancillary services CPT codes chosen by experts who take into consideration utilization, denial risk and complexity.

This reference optimizes both CPT and ICD10 code selection with essential CPT-to-ICD-10-CM crosswalks and detailed explanations of anatomy, physiology and documentation needed for body systems and conditions most relevant to the ICD-10-CM you'll code in your specialty.

This is the ideal daily companion for useful, definitive, specialty-specific coding information beyond what is provided in a full procedural code book.

Features & Benefits:

  • NEW! Official AMA CPT® Guidelines

  • UPDATED! 2016 CPT® codes—for ophthalmology services

  • NEW! Powerful CPT® to ICD-10-CM crosswalks—identify medical necessity

  • Plain English descriptions—for hundreds of ophthalmology codes/code groups

  • UPDATED! Code-specific RVUs—determine fees, global days, assistant-at-surgery and prior approval at a glance

  • UPDATED! NCCI edits—help identify which codes are bundled and which codes can be billed separately

  • High-quality, annotated illustrations—provide visual clarification for coding

  • UPDATED! Pub. 100 references—Support compliant code selection with contextually relevant billing/coverage rules

  • EXCLUSIVE! Anatomy and physiology overview—for ICD-10-CM ocular conditions

  • EXCLUSIVE! Documentation requirements—for ICD-10-CM ocular diagnoses

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