2016 Medicare Enrollment Trainer

Product Code: DHMPBENROL16

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ISBN 978-1-58383-847-1
Publication Date Apr 29, 2016

Price: $269.00

2016 Medicare Enrollment Trainer

Avoid confusion, prevent payment delays and solve your Medicare enrollment and PECOS challenges with the Medicare Enrollment Trainer. With step-by-step guidance on how to properly complete the complicated enrollment and revalidation process, you will be able to protect your payments by meeting revalidation deadlines and prevent revocation of your billing privileges, quickly determine the amount of time needed for revalidation requests and keep reimbursements flowing to your office.

This actionable guide is designed in an instruction manual format, organized by enrollment application type. Form by form, field by field, you get detailed instruction to quickly and effectively understand what's needed to enroll your providers.

This product is ideal for enrollment coordinators, credentialing specialists and billing managers with responsibility for enrolling medical practice physicians with the Medicare Part B payer.

Features & Benefits:

Sample enrollment worksheets and templatesprovides opportunities to test your ability to apply what you have learned.

Examples of correctly completed forms and online PECOS screen shotsuse side-by-side as you go through the actual enrollment process.

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanations of the CMS 855-A, CMS 855-B, CMS 855-I and CMS 855-R enrollment formsincluding when you need to submit each form and why, the sections you must complete, and the CMS timelines you're required to follow.

Enrollment Tipsalerts of common errors made by practices that slow enrollment applications with expert guidance on how to avoid them.

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