2017 Medicare Coverage Sourcebook

Product Code: DHMPBCOVER17

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ISBN 978-1-58383-871-6
Publication Date Dec 16, 2016

Price: $184.95

2017 Medicare Coverage Sourcebook

Bill accurately and ensure you get paid for all your Medicare services with the most up-to-date guidelines, policies and procedures in the 2017 Medicare Coverage Sourcebook.

This complete resource for Medicare Pub 100 covered and non-covered services helps you identify new and revised eligibility, benefit, coverage and claims processing policies, indexed to the appropriate section of the Medicare Pub 100 manual for swift access, to ensure you’re compliant. Save time and get your questions answered directly by the Medicare Administrator Contractor (MAC) appropriate to your region with a list if of Part A, Part B, DME and RHHI MACs by state. 

Order your copy today to eliminate coding and billing guesswork so you know exactly what procedures and services your practice performs and are payable by Medicare.

Features include:

  • UPDATED—New policy icons for policies implemented within the past year — quickly locate this year's policies that could impact you financially
  • Extensive alphabetical indexhelps you locate the exact policy you need quickly by procedure, drug and/or service name
  • Preventive service coverageinformation on all types of exams and screenings covered by Medicare
  • DME, prosthetic and orthotic guidelinesfind out how and where to bill for these services, along with reimbursement policies for specific items
  • Billing information for non-physician practitioners and payment methodologieshelps you bill appropriately
  • Specialty-specific guidelines and regulations for Medicare coverageidentify rules targeted at your specialty
  • Explanations of how and why National and Local Coverage Decisions (NCDs, LCDs) are created and determinedhelps you educate physicians and other staff

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