Payer Contracting: How to assess your contracts and renegotiate like a pro

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Learn a proven, step-by-step process for assessing and renegotiating to help you get the most out of your payer contracts.
Publication Date Sep 28, 2016

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Payer Contracting: How to assess your contracts and renegotiate like a pro

Don’t let payers slip another year of bad rates by you! Open your eyes with our expert tips.

Too often medical practices don’t pay attention to their contracts, letting payers slip bad rates by them year-after-year, causing a direct loss in revenue. In fact, practices that don’t track their payer contract rates are reimbursed on average 4% less*. Why?

Because the whole process is uncomfortable. Insurance companies can be intimidating and it can be scary to delve into confusing legal language and often very lengthy payer agreements. They don’t have the confidence to analyze issues related to their contracts -- and lose money as a result. Fortunately, the cycle can be broken today!

Tap into Penny Noyes' insider knowledge for negotiating tactics guaranteed to turn the tables in your favor at your next payer contract negotiation. Sign up today to learn how to:

  • Inventory and organize your current contracts and rates
  • Analyze current plans to determine which contracts to tackle first and when
  • Craft an effective renegotiation notice that no payer can ignore
  • Decipher reimbursement exhibit language in plain English
  • Model and analyze offers and understand aggregate and procedure-specific impact
  • Identify and manage contract provisions that need attention

Whether you’re renegotiating or starting a new plan from scratch, after these 60 minutes, you’ll walk away confident and prepared to sit at the negotiation table to capture the highest reimbursement for your practice.