2016 Modifier Maze: Master your use of 59, 25 and more to minimize denials

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Learn the latest modifier rules with guidance to avoid denials.
Publication Date Oct 25, 2016

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2016 Modifier Maze: Master your use of 59, 25 and more to minimize denials

Dodge denials linked to modifiers to protect your reimbursement

Denial rates on common codes with modifiers are growing at an alarming clip. A recent Part B News analysis showed the denial rate on E/M code 99201with modifier 25 went from 39% to 42% — after having risen from 36% to 39% the year before. Modifier 59 – used 38.5 million times in 2015 on a variety of codes – carries a 19% denial rate, giving you a one in five chance of being denied– especially if you don’t know the rules.

And denied claims aren’t cheap!

A recent MGMA report showed that the average cost to rework a claim is $25. That means every claim that’s denied or rejected — every claim — is costing you an average of $25.

Let’s do the math: If your staff must rework 100 claims every month, it’s costing you: $2,500 per month! And that’s not including the loss of payment when the denials aren’t overturned.

Keep the money you’ve earned and avoid costly denials caused by modifier confusion and register for this webinar today!

Join Terry Fletcher, veteran coding expert, to explore the nuances between the different modifiers and when to use them according to latest guidance. Packed with authoritative analysis and advice, you’ll ensure correct coding to avoid denials and maintain proper revenue for your practice.

BONUS Q&A: Don’t miss this opportunity to get answers to your practice’s modifier challenges with extended Q&A – only available during the LIVE webinar, so make sure you’re there!

Register now for expert instruction to:

  • Avoid denials and possible recoup requests by learning when it's appropriate to append modifiers 59 and 76 per CMS policies
  • Ensure your coding can withstand payer scrutiny with proper use of modifiers 24 and 25 for unrelated or separately identifiable E/M services
  • Distinguish when to use modifier 59 and when to use 76 or 51 to ensure proper coding
  • Get your specific modifier questions answered with extended Q&A with our expert

Register now for the expert guidance and real-world explanations your practice needs to tackle some of the more confusing modifiers to avoid denials and collect all the reimbursement it deserves.