2017 Physician Fee Schedule: Capture new revenue, understand code changes and more

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Get Final Fee Schedule guidance to ensure Medicare compliance in 2017.
Publication Date Nov 22, 2016

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2017 Physician Fee Schedule: Capture new revenue, understand code changes and more

Prepare now for Medicare changes effective Jan. 1

CMS just released the 2017 physician fee schedule final rule packed with changes that impact your practice. You have just weeks to implement the new rules to take advantage of new opportunities to boost revenue.

You could read the 1400 pages yourself, but why go through the trouble when our expert is ready to do the work for you!

Join veteran health care consultant, Betsy Nicoletti, during this highly attended, webinar packed with in-depth analysis and expert guidance to help you adjust your billing and workflow to comply with the new regulation.

Register now for expert instruction to:

  • Take advantage of new revenue opportunities for:
    • Newly reimbursable prolonged service E/M codes
    • New G codes for psychiatric, care management and mobility-related services
    • New diabetes prevention program, which can be administered by non-medical staff
  • Learn the changes to essential Medicare services to ensure compliance relating to:
    • Moderate sedation: Don’t be confused by six new CPT codes and one new G code to report the service.
    • Global period data collection: Scaled-back requirements mean that you might not have to do as much as originally proposed.
    • Medicare Advantage enrollment requirements: Find out what enrollment rules you have to meet before serving this growing patient population.
    • Chronic care management (CCM): Discover eased requirements and newly billable complex CCM codes that may help you get paid for services you’re already providing.

After these 60 minutes with our expert, you will be armed with critical decision-making strategies and tools to adjust your practice’s workflow, billing and reporting to comply with the new rules that go into effect in just two short months.

Get your head start now and register today!