How to Read your New Quality Report Card and Win at PQRS

Product Code: YMPDA110116D

Publication Date Nov 1, 2016

Price: $199.00

How to Read your New Quality Report Card and Win at PQRS

Urgent guidance to understand your QRUR report card and take necessary action. 

CMS just extended the deadline for providers! The deadline was December 7 to read your report card and dispute quality pay cuts.  

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The QRUR annual report is your organization’s actual quality and cost metrics – your quality report card. It reveals whether you will receive a quality penalty or incentive next year, and if so, how much. Order now to learn what’s in your QRUR, what to do with the data and how to improve moving forward.

In just 60 minutes, our expert will help you avoid confusion so you can download, decipher and know what actions to take to set your practice up for quality-reporting success.

You will:

  • Gain step-by-step instruction to quickly and easily navigate Medicare’s Enterprise Identity Management System, access your report and see your scores.
  • Translate data in the QRUR report into plain English, as well as verify CMS’ accuracy, to learn your quality grade and determine whether you’ll receive a pay cut or a bonus.
  • Create an action plan to improve your reporting of the measures and avoid being hit with continued quality pay cuts. Hint: This may involve better data capture and improved communication between specialists and primary care.

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