One and done: Ease into the new quality program and beat 4% cut in 2017

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Get out of the MIPS pay cut by doing this one thing.
Publication Date Dec 14, 2016

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One and done: Ease into the new quality program and beat 4% cut in 2017

Not ready for MIPS? Learn the one thing you need to do  to avoid a 4% pay cut

Recorded Wednesday, December 14, 2016 

“There’s no way my practice can meet MIPS requirements in 2017. Implementing the lengthy list of requirements is just a huge burden!”

If you have said this or felt this way, you’re not alone. Who has time to read through a 2,200-page final rule much less digest and implement so quickly? But in these challenging financial times, no practice can afford a 4% cut to its Medicare payments.

Good news! For 2017 CMS has lowered the reporting threshold for eligible clinicians – which includes nearly all physicians and non-physician practitioners participating in Medicare Part B – to avoid the cut by doing one thing. That’s right, one thing!

Purchase this webinar On Demand now to find out which one thing will be the easiest for your practice and still meet the minimum reporting threshold! With our expert guidance and instruction, you’ll make the right choice to get out of the pay cut and get on with patient care.

Register now for On Demand training to:

  • Explore your options within this low threshold track to effectively assess how to select the quality activity providers will perform.
  • Get expert guidance to make the appropriate selection – reporting, clinical improvement or EHR – with tips on how to report it successfully.
  • Learn implementation strategies to make continued quality participation a natural part of your providers’ day, not just annoying busywork.

No need to panic over MIPS. Let DecisionHealth help you make the upcoming transition year manageable for your practice. Order this webinar to pick your one thing and meet the minimum MIPS threshold to avoid the 4% pay cut in 2017.


Jeanne J. Chamberlin, MA, FACMPE 
 Jeanne Chamberlin’s expertise stems from more than 25 years in business planning, process/system improvement and finance for health care provider organizations. She has worked with small physician group practices, academic faculty practice plans, hospitals and health care systems. By developing financial and operating indicators, Jeanne has helped practices identify improvement opportunities while building more effective partnerships between clinicians and administrative staff. Her work in developing and implementing a productivity-based compensation plan for 25 primary care providers in eight practices resulted in both improved physician retention and a 20% decrease in financial loss. Jeanne is a fellow in the American College of Medial Practice Executives and has served as president of Triangle Medical Managers. She earned her MA in Public Policy at Duke University and her BA in sociology from Beloit College.